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A Construction Support Services Company

Welcome to Benjer, Inc. of Baltimore!

Benjer, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years servicing the citizens of the Baltimore Region. We service 5 Maryland Counties, and Baltimore City! We provide an array of construction support services. Dumpsters, Dump Trucks, Demolition and Soils & Aggregates, we have the construction support services you need all in one call.

Projects LARGE or small, we have the cans, trucks and personnel to handle it all.


All About Us!

Benjer, Inc. is a family owned and operated, environmentally concerned company. We pride ourselves on the recycling of dirt, aggregates, concrete and metals. Providing LEED certified services to all of our commercial partners. If you need recycled products on your job location, give us a call, we can help.



Benjer Cares!

When we were called upon to help out, we delivered. Providing dumpsters for Habitat for Humanity in the building of a brand new home for a very needy family in Aberdeen!




Benjer, Inc. Terms & Conditions (as listed on our service tickets) 

Delivery Terms & Conditions: 

1). Benjer, Inc. is not responsible for property damage due to placement or pickup of our containers. Benjer, Inc. drivers have the right to deny placement due to saftey and/or damage concerns. Lawns and driveways/sidewalks can get damaged from the weight of the container/truck. Our drivers also reserve the right not to place on soft surfaces due to rain/inclement weather. They can get stuck.

2). We are not liable for property damage done to property not owned by you. We will not deliver if we cannot perform our service on your property or public property. You must have a property damage liability waiver form signed by the property owner, before we will attempt to place across property lines.

3). Once our cans have been placed, DO NOT MOVE OUR CANS. If the can has been moved, you by signing this ticket agree to be liable for all associated property damages, move, or clean up fees.

4). You may be required to have a parking permit/license by your local municipality. Benjer, Inc. is not liable for any fines or citations as a result of your non-compliance with local ordinances, and you by signing this ticket agree to comply with all local ordinances, and are liable for any citations/fines.

Loading Terms & Conditions:

1). The container is your responsibility while in your possession untill the time we pickup. We accept no liability for the contents of the container. Please adhere to the following loading procedures.

2). Do Not Load materials above the top of the container. Overloaded cans may be left on site for you to dispose of.

3). We will not accept any of the following materials: Asbestos (without prior approval and manifest), Liquids (Paints, Oils, Gas, Pesticides, Cleaners or Solvents), Haz-Mats, Tires, Freon Containing Devices, Batteries, Chemicals, Oil/Gas/Propane bottles or tanks, Creosote Lumber (without prior approval and pricing), and/or Explosives. You are responsible for all material placed in the container, by you or other parties. Any materials listed above may subject the can to rejection or additional fees. 

4). Dirt Only - No other material can be in with the container. Dirt must be level across the container. On 10yd dempster cans, the dirt must be 1" below the top of the container. On 20yd containers the dirt cannot exceed the half way point of the can. This is for D.O.T. purposes, we will not haul if overfilled.

5). Concrete Only - The same rules apply to dirt containers above. Wire mesh or re-bar is an extra fee.

6). Metal Only - No other material, no car parts, or hazmat covered material. Gas/Oil Tanks or drums & appliances have special procedures, call our office for details. Do not load the container above the top. 

7). Brush Only - No other material but brush or unfinished wood. No creosote, varnished, pressure treated, or painted wooden material will be accepted as a brush only load. Any materials that would exclude these loads: dirt/concrete/metal/brush ONLY cans, will be subject to full price + the tonnage.

8). No DIRT or Concrete in cans #'s 01-199, these cans are for 25,000 or less GVW and will not pick up excessively loaded weights. ANY Benjer, Inc. containers too heavy to lift and haul will be the customer's responsibility to off load prior to another attempt at pickup. Extra Trip or Overweight fee may apply.

9). Gross vehicle weights: We are required to be under 75,000 or 25,000 GVW by the Maryland Dept. of Transportation. Any fines/citations for overweighted cans are the responsibility of the customer.

Pickup Terms & Conditions:

1). Please call us if you finish with the container earlier than expected. Please do not block the container after calling in for pickup, containers blocked in may be subject to a dead run fee.

2). Over Weight Tickets are the responsibility of the customer, we will notify you if the can is overweight.

3). A $5.00 charge per day over the allotted time may be accessed.

Payment Terms & Conditions:

1). All outstanding balances are subject to a Net 15 day payment, and 2% per month on outstanding balances owed Benjer, Inc. over 30 days. Customer agrees to pay all legal / collection fees accrued in conjunction with the collection of these outstanding debts. Customer is responsible for all credit extended by us on account by any person authorized by you.

2). Benjer, Inc. is not responsible for any verbal contracts, bindings or agreements made by it's drivers, or agents. This ticket and it's terms and conditions are the binding authority between you and Benjer, Inc.

3). Credit Card payments/backups are subject to automatic authorization of related fees/charges.

By signing this ticket you agree, and are bound by these terms and conditions.



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